January 9, 2023

New Year 2023

On April 14, Nepal will celebrate the year 2080!
Until then, here is Ramchandra’s message for our new year 2023.

Written message

My dearest friends,
I wish you a good year 2023 which brings you many spiritual realisations
and thus gives you true satisfaction and bliss in your life.

In reality, we were born on this earth to progress spiritually.
And that is what really gives us satisfaction and peace.

The abundance of materialism is not very important.
We have so much in our life that is given by Nature instantly…
beautiful and good things.

The Mother says somewhere:
let us never waste anything of all the wonderful things
that You give us at every moment.

So, we must be aware of receiving the wonders
that are given to us in this New Year.

Happy New Year to everyone!
Thank you so much for your love.

And Peace

60 years old!

On January 3, 2023, Ramchandra celebrates her 60th birthday!
All the children and young people of the Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir have prepared
a big party for him, which we will surely hear about in the next newsletter.


Invitation aux 60 ans de Ramchandra

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Our economic situation

We had just finished building the Ayurvedic hospital
(in our Kathmandu ashram) when the health crisis hit.

Since 20 March 2020, we have lost more than 50% of our annual income.
We have had to sell land to continue our mission and fortunately many of our friends
around the world have stepped forward to help us through this crisis.

We need your support to get out of this crisis for good and
to develop the Ayurvedic Hospital so that it can open on January 24, 2024.


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IDEC 2023

The International Democratic Education Conference
that was supposed to take place in 2020 in Nepal will finally take place in the fall of 2023

Reserve your dates!

From October 15 to October 23­

This is a great opportunity to meet visitors from all over the world around the theme of education… but everything will be in English!

IDEC is a gathering of educators, students, parents and other education enthusiasts to guide, help, learn and expand horizons. It is an OPENSpace conference where you can give talks, organize workshops and activities, and participate in training activities.

Himalayan IDEC is a great opportunity to combine the conference with a fantastic trek along a ridge with a magnificent view of the Himalayas, along paths and through traditional villages… a sweet dessert for your body and soul at the end of IDEC 2023 with speakers, both local and international… unlikely encounters, etc.

Image of the website for IDEC 2023 Nepal
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Ramchandra Das & Vedanada Pandeya
Keynote Speakers of ISEFF

alongside Peter Gray, Günter Pauli, Anil Gupta, Christina Von Dreien and many others!

They are coming!

Starting February 23, 2023

The conference-videos of the
International Summit of Education for the Futur
will be put online 4 by 4 during 15 weeks

Discover the vision of inspiring actors of change

For an ethical, united and responsible world, in solidarity

An incredible panel of conferences, covering all dimensions of education!
for a meaningful future, a flourishing humanity and a breathing earth!

One thing is certain:
your life, and through you, those of your children or grandchildren,
will never be the same after listening to all these conferences.

Poster of the International Summit of Education for the Future
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The bakery

After years and years of gestation,
pushed by the economic crisis to find new solutions,
this project finally took shape in 2022.

Here are a few images shot by the young people of the ashram:

with the Sri Auronbindo Yoga Mandir

You choose to make a DONATION to the SAYM to help fund the Ayurvedic Hospital.
As a thank you, the Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir will match your donation with free guest days at the ashams.
Donation-Exchanges with The Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir
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